I've decided that on Sundays I'm going to post something silly that
a. I did (& got a picture of)
b. I thought was funny on youtube
c.  or is just silly

So here's today's Silly.Sunday

The hubs and I went to Grandpa's and he had a new donkey on the farm. No one knew if he was rideable so we took on the task of finding out.

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Recently the hubs and I have been talking about home. It started when he said, "Ya know, I really still don't feel like a Portlander. I still have that feeling that we will be moving away soon." Then asked me, "When you think of home, where do you think of?" To which my response was, "I have no clue, I hate this question." Truth is, this question sucks and is way to emotionally challenging.

To give you some background, I grew up in Maine, went to college in Colorado, and now have lived in Oregon for the past year and 5 months. Josh grew up in Oregon, then moved to Colorado with his family, and then moved back to Oregon with me, thankfully! So, really we don't know where the proverbial "home" is anymore. All I could come up with was the silly phrase, "Home is where the heart is," and that made me even more frustrated. How sappy is that? Plus, my heart is with my family in Maine, my friends in Colorado, and my family/new found life in Oregon. {ugh}

Anyways, to sum up the conclusion that Josh came to...Home is not here since sin took over the world and now we can not live with Christ on Earth. Okay, great but, I still miss my family in Maine. To which his further conclusion was sin. Great. Was he saying it was sinful for me to move {far-far} away from my family for college? No. Was he saying it was sinful for me to move even further away {literally, Portland to Portland}. No. What he was saying was more like we all sin and need to repent so that God can wipe away our sins and we can have refreshing times from Him. So here we are in Portland, Oregon and this is our home with Christ for now. Be still and know that I am God. {Psalm 46:10}

So Christ has a plan for us and I should not be worrying about where we are going to live tomorrow and if where we are living today is right. Christ has a plan.

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The Government eh? & a New Design!

Hello blog world. I thought blogging frequently would be easy as pie. Heck, lets not lie, I'm on the internet like 3 hours a night. BUT it's just not that easy. There's so much going on in my life and to sit down, think, and put together in words of inspiration is difficult. Well, at least I set myself up with questions to answer in my first blog so I don't have to think so hard. Next question to tackle is

                    What do I do if I work for the government?

This one is harder to answer than the previous monkey husband question. But I'm going to tackle it for you, blog readers.

The short and sweet of it is that I'm a IRS Revenue Agent. Yes, that's the Department of Treasury and yes, that is a Tax Collector. No, not like Zacchaeus in Luke 19. Okay, now it's your turn to ask me questions and if I can answer I will.

Also, don't you just LOVE.LOVE.LOVE my blog design. Rachel at RV Blog Designs worked her magic and voile! If your in the market for a fresh blog design you have to check them out! Okay, that's all for tonight.


Monkey Husband?

Okay, if you read my first blog, you know that I posed some questions I thought my readers would ask about me as a new blogger. I answered the first question here and now on to number 2.
                                        What is a Monkey Husband?

If you read the 'about me' section, I stated that I am a wife to a monkey husband. Lets clarify up front: no my husband is not an actual monkey & no he is not like the super full of energy child that you have which you endearingly refer to as a monkey. My husband actually works with Rhesus Macaque monkeys & he works in the monkey husbandry department. So literally, his title transfers to Monkey Husband. If that's not awesome, I don't know what is! He gets to take care of monkeys all day & he has actually developed favorites. He took me to see them once & {wow} was that an experience! No pictures allowed though so I can't share them with the blogging world.

So how did he get this job? What is his degree in? These are always the next questions posed. Most people assume, rightfully so, that he must have some sort of biology degree & be super smart. The biology degree is definitely out of the questions however, I like to think my hubby is the smartest man on the planet. =) Well, he actually has a BFA in Printmaking and is a true artist! We moved to Portland on faith that we were meant to be here and had no jobs lined up. Lucky, I was offered a job at Wells Fargo within a week of moving. Unluckily, the hubby could not find a job. Finally, we decided he had to do something & he went in search of temp work. Christ can really humble you when you realize you have to basically scrape by on nothing & all you have is Him -- no fancy cars, no dining out every night. So he got the monkey hubby temp position & after a year of being a temp & wondering if he would be let go the next day, they promoted him to permanent. Thank you, God!

Enjoy pictures of my hubby's recent woodcut prints. The time and physical labor he endures to create these is impressive. He entered them into an interior design jury show yesterday & we are hoping he will get chosen!


It's my Monday...

This morning I woke up early {6:45} and realized I just don't want to go to work. So the inner dialogue began.  It goes something like this:
                 gah - why do I have to go to work?
        duh - because you need to make some sort a living for you and your hubby
                but come on why does it have to be so many hours of the week?
        because it is
                 can't I just quit my job and be a stay-at-home wife
       uh no - what would you do? you'd be useless and that's not fair to your hubby
Okay, so why do I always have to be grumbly and cranky towards work? I should be stinkin amazed at the job I have and feel uber blessed. Christ has provided this job for me so that I can help sustain my family. So why do I grumble? gosh. I just want to be content & my poor hubby is probably sick of hearing "Do I have to go to work," every morning. Being content in Christ is difficult when you feel like you could do more for Him elsewhere and He keeps telling you to "be still and know," Psalm 46:10. Okay, God. I sure am trying to be still. We will see how this progresses over time. 

On another note, I'm going to answer question 1 from yesterday's blog. Why is my blog's title The.Kittys.Purr? Really, it's not anything fancy, crazy, or amazing. It's more because I love our cats, which I always refer to as kitties or kittens, even though they are toddler cats now. I was going for The.Cats.Meow but that was taken so this is what I came up with. It's possessive as in kitty's and not multiple as in kitties because the kitty owns its purr. Each purr for a kitty is its own and is unique and this blog reflects my "purr" in a sense. I am unique and so is this blog. Well, there you have it. 

If you have other questions for me since I'm new to the blogging world leave a comment and I will try to address them!

p.s. new blog design coming soon from RV Blog Designs!!ya!


Here I am World

Newsflash: I'm starting a blog. Why? You ask.  Well, I really don't know why. I've actually thought about creating a blog for quite some time, like 2 weeks {haha}, & I think it will be helpful for me & could hopefully be useful/entertaining for you, world. Now, most people have blogs, as I've discovered for the top 3 following reasons:
            a. They have kids & want to tell the world how awesome they are
                b. They make cool stuff & want to show the world how awesome it is
                    c. They think their life is interesting

I'm not in any way bashing these reasons, they are all great and have purpose, & in fact I believe I fit best in option C. I just don't have kids & I can't make cool stuff so really it's the only other option. I'm not saying my life is interesting & therefore you should read all about it. I'm merely saying that I need a place to write things, ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. down & since I spend a large amount of time (more than I'd like to admit) in front of my beloved Mac why not share with the world?! 

So questions you may ask while reading my blog for the first time:

         a. Why is your blog's title "The.Kittys.Purr?
         b. What is a monkey husband? (read the about me for reference to this)
         c. What do you "do" if you work for the government?
         d. Are you guys going to have real kids - not just cats?

Stay tuned and over the course of the next week, or maybe month, or possibly even days {I don't quite know what my time commitment will be to this endeavor since I'm just starting} and I will answer all of these questions for you, world. Also, leave comments with other questions and I will try to answer those as well. 

p.s. I "follow" a ton of blogs, and I love them. So I'm going to work on linking to those blogs in the near future.