The Government eh? & a New Design!

Hello blog world. I thought blogging frequently would be easy as pie. Heck, lets not lie, I'm on the internet like 3 hours a night. BUT it's just not that easy. There's so much going on in my life and to sit down, think, and put together in words of inspiration is difficult. Well, at least I set myself up with questions to answer in my first blog so I don't have to think so hard. Next question to tackle is

                    What do I do if I work for the government?

This one is harder to answer than the previous monkey husband question. But I'm going to tackle it for you, blog readers.

The short and sweet of it is that I'm a IRS Revenue Agent. Yes, that's the Department of Treasury and yes, that is a Tax Collector. No, not like Zacchaeus in Luke 19. Okay, now it's your turn to ask me questions and if I can answer I will.

Also, don't you just LOVE.LOVE.LOVE my blog design. Rachel at RV Blog Designs worked her magic and voile! If your in the market for a fresh blog design you have to check them out! Okay, that's all for tonight.


  1. the new design looks great, you little government agent!

  2. Hooray for RV Designs! I just love them :)

  3. I found RV designs through Kim's page. After I had my design done I realized that you had your's from them and then I saw that Carrie had her's from there. The real kicker was when I found out Carrie is actual friends in real life with Rachel from RV. I was floored.


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