Here I am World

Newsflash: I'm starting a blog. Why? You ask.  Well, I really don't know why. I've actually thought about creating a blog for quite some time, like 2 weeks {haha}, & I think it will be helpful for me & could hopefully be useful/entertaining for you, world. Now, most people have blogs, as I've discovered for the top 3 following reasons:
            a. They have kids & want to tell the world how awesome they are
                b. They make cool stuff & want to show the world how awesome it is
                    c. They think their life is interesting

I'm not in any way bashing these reasons, they are all great and have purpose, & in fact I believe I fit best in option C. I just don't have kids & I can't make cool stuff so really it's the only other option. I'm not saying my life is interesting & therefore you should read all about it. I'm merely saying that I need a place to write things, ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. down & since I spend a large amount of time (more than I'd like to admit) in front of my beloved Mac why not share with the world?! 

So questions you may ask while reading my blog for the first time:

         a. Why is your blog's title "The.Kittys.Purr?
         b. What is a monkey husband? (read the about me for reference to this)
         c. What do you "do" if you work for the government?
         d. Are you guys going to have real kids - not just cats?

Stay tuned and over the course of the next week, or maybe month, or possibly even days {I don't quite know what my time commitment will be to this endeavor since I'm just starting} and I will answer all of these questions for you, world. Also, leave comments with other questions and I will try to answer those as well. 

p.s. I "follow" a ton of blogs, and I love them. So I'm going to work on linking to those blogs in the near future.

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