Recently the hubs and I have been talking about home. It started when he said, "Ya know, I really still don't feel like a Portlander. I still have that feeling that we will be moving away soon." Then asked me, "When you think of home, where do you think of?" To which my response was, "I have no clue, I hate this question." Truth is, this question sucks and is way to emotionally challenging.

To give you some background, I grew up in Maine, went to college in Colorado, and now have lived in Oregon for the past year and 5 months. Josh grew up in Oregon, then moved to Colorado with his family, and then moved back to Oregon with me, thankfully! So, really we don't know where the proverbial "home" is anymore. All I could come up with was the silly phrase, "Home is where the heart is," and that made me even more frustrated. How sappy is that? Plus, my heart is with my family in Maine, my friends in Colorado, and my family/new found life in Oregon. {ugh}

Anyways, to sum up the conclusion that Josh came to...Home is not here since sin took over the world and now we can not live with Christ on Earth. Okay, great but, I still miss my family in Maine. To which his further conclusion was sin. Great. Was he saying it was sinful for me to move {far-far} away from my family for college? No. Was he saying it was sinful for me to move even further away {literally, Portland to Portland}. No. What he was saying was more like we all sin and need to repent so that God can wipe away our sins and we can have refreshing times from Him. So here we are in Portland, Oregon and this is our home with Christ for now. Be still and know that I am God. {Psalm 46:10}

So Christ has a plan for us and I should not be worrying about where we are going to live tomorrow and if where we are living today is right. Christ has a plan.

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  1. Obviously home is Boulder CO at The Well Church. Duh :)


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