Monkey Husband?

Okay, if you read my first blog, you know that I posed some questions I thought my readers would ask about me as a new blogger. I answered the first question here and now on to number 2.
                                        What is a Monkey Husband?

If you read the 'about me' section, I stated that I am a wife to a monkey husband. Lets clarify up front: no my husband is not an actual monkey & no he is not like the super full of energy child that you have which you endearingly refer to as a monkey. My husband actually works with Rhesus Macaque monkeys & he works in the monkey husbandry department. So literally, his title transfers to Monkey Husband. If that's not awesome, I don't know what is! He gets to take care of monkeys all day & he has actually developed favorites. He took me to see them once & {wow} was that an experience! No pictures allowed though so I can't share them with the blogging world.

So how did he get this job? What is his degree in? These are always the next questions posed. Most people assume, rightfully so, that he must have some sort of biology degree & be super smart. The biology degree is definitely out of the questions however, I like to think my hubby is the smartest man on the planet. =) Well, he actually has a BFA in Printmaking and is a true artist! We moved to Portland on faith that we were meant to be here and had no jobs lined up. Lucky, I was offered a job at Wells Fargo within a week of moving. Unluckily, the hubby could not find a job. Finally, we decided he had to do something & he went in search of temp work. Christ can really humble you when you realize you have to basically scrape by on nothing & all you have is Him -- no fancy cars, no dining out every night. So he got the monkey hubby temp position & after a year of being a temp & wondering if he would be let go the next day, they promoted him to permanent. Thank you, God!

Enjoy pictures of my hubby's recent woodcut prints. The time and physical labor he endures to create these is impressive. He entered them into an interior design jury show yesterday & we are hoping he will get chosen!

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  1. Thanks for the peek into your life in Portland! I'll never wonder again what a monkey husband is... also, gorgeous woodcut prints!


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