I was so excited. I am still so excited that we did this. I was like a child the whole time. 
We went to Roloff Farms to go pumpkin picking!!!
(think Little People Big World, TLC show)
Sunday was the end to a long week and the hubs and I really needed a night together. Due to our work schedules we do not have a full day off together so date nights are really important. We took of for the Roloff Farm which happens to be only 5 minutes from our place. It was super fun, just like you think it looks in the shows, and WAY BETTER in person! 
(sorry this is picture intense)
About now I'm peeing my pants in excitement!
Just arrived. Check the outfit. 
First stop. Petting Zoo. This is a mini donkey. You might recall my affinity for donkeys from this post. 
The creepiest lama I've ever seen.
A baby pot-bellied pig. 
Quick stop in front of pumpkin patch but we couldn't stop just yet because... 
There were baby tigers!! How cute!
Really in Oregon though? Kinda strange. But way neat to see!
Ok, we made it to the pumpkin patch!
I love Stick-Your-Face-Here things.
Examining carefully before choosing. {This one went home with us}
As we left I had to get a picture of their house. Kinda creeper, I know. 
Goodbye Farm, it was great. We will be back with our friends in a few weeks! Yes!
Next stop on date night was to the Baghdad Theater which is a McMennamins location in North Portland. They (the pubs) are everywhere & really fun. All we got was a picture though because the hubs was really hungry & not feeling super enough to sit through a movie. 
So we landed at Rice Junkies and had some very interesting food. Josh loved his Kung Pao bowl of goodness. Me, well I'm picky and should have known better than to get a greek gyro at an asian joint. 

To cheer me up from not so great food...Ice Cream!!
2 times at a Stick-Your-Face-Here in one night. Awesome!
I love the city. Everything you could ever need in one place and Portland has some great spots for cheap {This night only cost $12.40, including our 2 pumpkins} and exciting date nights!
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  1. aw yay for date nights!

    i'm jealous you got to go to roloff farms. did you see any of them? they're my favorite reality tv stars haha!

    your outfit is wayyy cute, lady!


  2. I like the stick-your-face-here photos the best and I looooooooove you!


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