Away in the woods

Get ready for a ton of pictures...
       The hubs & I FINALLY had a weekend together for the first time in 6 months!
             We went to Grandpa's because, well where else has donkeys, mini horses, peacocks, cows, & family?!
I will just give you 1 or 2 or well maybe even 3 picture from each event that occurred over this glorious weekend/mini-vacation because we took tons! Going to Grandpa's ranch really makes me wish I grew up there & was exposed to more of God's glorious creation in nature and animal life as a wee one. You'd think I would have been since I lived in Maine but, there are actually cities in Maine...really. Going to Grandpa's ranch means tons of family too, Josh's family. Not that Josh's family is not my family too because they sure are, & I LOVE them all but, it makes me miss my family something fierce. It is inevitable that when I see the hub's family that I consider moving to Maine, like now. Then I come to my senses, or real-life, & I get whiny and irritated. Ah, but such is life & here we are in Oregon.
 Anyways, the real reason you came...the awesome pictorial journey through our weekend! 
Disclaimer: 2 of the pictures may be PG-13 for some people as they involve hunting. Just FYI. I will warn before you get to it.
First we traveled up the hill from the ranch to the pasture. Here is where my ponies {Sadie and Thomas} plus all of the others and the horses live wild & free.
Hubs taking in the quasi wildlife.
Feeding can be kind of crazy & a bit scary when 15 horses and ponies are fighting for one person's carrots!
Jack is also with the ponies and horses. You remember him from  here!
Of course I had to get a ride in. Which is more of a sitting on event.
He's a great photo accessory!
Love. Sweet Love.
On the way down the hill we stopped at Grandma's grape vines. I tried them excitedly but, as an
avid grape-eater I was astonished to find that I don't like these ones.


The next morning hubs and pops-in-law went hunting. They figured they would not see anything.
40 minutes later hubs is waking me up to see what has occurred. Low and behold and Elk was laid to rest.
{I'd like to explain that we are not avid animal killers. Heck, I don't even eat red meat. It just happened.}
Later in the day I tried my luck at butchering up the elk. Lasted about 30 seconds.  It was interesting to watch.

Later we went to Aunt & Uncle McClean's! They had 4 baby kittens that were only 4 weeks!
Obviously I'm a sucker from kittens. Ready my blog title. The hubs stood firm against all the pleading to take one home. He prefers I don't turn into a crazy cat lady until I'm old.
We saw the chickens. & the boys even took a shot at catching them. Serious focus here on little Josh's face.

They have new Malamute/Pyrenees puppies! This is Bowser.
Isn't he just adorable?! This is moses.
Moses gets 2 pictures because I couldn't pass this one up!
After all this photo uploading I realized I did not get any pictures of Grandpa which was part of the reason for going, ah! Grandpa is 80 years old and last week he decided to get in a bull-fight. Well, the bull one and Grandpa broke some ribs and split his arm and leg open. Poor man. So we went to love on him and keep him company in his new ejector-chair! So here are some older pics of Grandpa from this past year-ish. He's so cute!
He's so handsome!
The only O'Renick men - minus Zack over in Kentucky. My hubs and Zack are the only one's to carry on the name. Can you believe it, out of all these grandkids Grandpa's got...
There's way more too...
Okay. Goodnight.

P.S. You have to head over to Kim's blog. She's having a giveaway extravaganza for her followers and it's amazing. Plus, she's amazing!
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