Eekk! It's here!

I won one of Kim's 24 give-aways she was hosting last week over at Yellow Songbird. Man was I excited!! Not only because I never win anything but, because I won the one I wanted the most. The wonderful Sandy from Sandy a la Mode put up not 1, not 2, but 3 items for the giveaway. I could not wait for the items to get here. Today, the nice mail man (or woman since I've never actually seen the mail delivered here) brought my goodies today!
It's Here!!
Totally fashionable hair pins which I will coordinate my outfit so I can wear tomorrow!
Who sews onto cards?! Uh, Sandy does & it's awesome!
Our laundry room needed some cheering up. Who would not want to do laundry now?!
(please excuse the mess, it's a laundry room)

Thanks so much to Kim for hosting the give-away extravaganza so I could win these great items. And a super huge thank you to Sandy for giving these items away....to ME!!
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