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As I told you guys before, November 1st is surprise day. And guess what?! That's tomorrow! If you have no clue what I'm talking about go here and find out. Be sure to stop by tomorrow to find out what the surprise is!

In other news, the new addition to our family, which is a rabbit and not a cat by the way, has a name. It's Lola and the hubby picked it. She seems to be enjoying herself in her new home. We did not know one thing about a rabbit before the hubs brought her home so we have done a bit of reading to figure out things like
               -What do we feed her?
               -What type of a cage does she need?
               -Is she potty-trainable?
               -& the hubby's only real concern, can I walk her on a leash?

Meet Lola!
They are simple pets really, I just never really knew people had them as pets. To me rabbits were strange animals. Plus, I'm kind of fond of kitties if you have not figure that out yet and they DO NOT get along with the rabbit. In fact, they'd like to have her for dinner. But, she's definitely growing on me. 

Well, see you guys all bright and early tomorrow for the unveiling of my surprise!!

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