My apologies for being a bit late in the day for this week's Silly.Sunday but hey, I still made it! The hubs and I were on a mini vaca the past few days and we just got home. There was no Internet where we were! More on that later in the week - & tons of pictures too! Today's Silly.Sunday features one of our kitties! 

This is how our youngest kitty, Otto, prefers to get his daily water intake.
(I have yet to learn video editing so you will have to bear with the raw-ness of them, the terrible camera holding angles, and the baby-talk to the kitty)
& this is what he does after.
He's so fat and lazy that he can not lay around like a normal cat. This just happened as I was creating the blog and I had to add it. I think we need to teach him some manners.
He always makes me laugh, hope it makes your day/night!
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