Adios! We are out of here! Josh and I fly out on a nice red eye flight to Maine tonight. We will be in Maine for 2 weeks visiting my family! Josh has not been there since out wedding 2.5 years ago and has not seen my family for about a year! I will have limited blogging capabilities. Mom's computer is not a mac and is like 10 years old. hehe So, there will by no Silly.Sunday this week or next. I know you're sad. I will try to blog a bit about the trip but, if not, except a great blog about the trip when we return!
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Silly.Sunday - Ode to Oregon Rain

Today's Silly.Sunday is really more of a rant on the current Oregon weather. Sorry Oregon and Oregon lovers/natives. 
This is what it looks like outside all day. (Photo Credit)
This will be our second winter here. Everyone warned us about the "grey." We laughed and figured the move would be more of a tradeoff from -40 degrees to "grey." It couldn't be that bad right? Well, silly us for thinking that. 
I hate it. It makes me unmotivated. It makes me want to stay inside and hibernate. Worst of all, it makes me want to sleep ALL THE TIME!  For the past 4 nights I have put my pjs on around 6:30 after some intense boxing (which at least I am still doing that) and have been pretty content with the idea of going to bed. LAME. I forgot that Oregon winter weather would do this to me and kept asking Josh, "What's wrong with me, do you think I'm getting sick?" To which his response was, "Don't you remember this happened last year too?" Dang it, he was right. I swore this wouldn't happen to me. I lived through 17 years of Maine winter weather for goodness sake. I've been defeated by the stupid "grey" everyone warned us about. 

So, here's to my battle to stay awake after 7 and to get motivated. Oh, and for the next 5 months. Fellow Oregonians, help a sister out!
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As a federal employee, I had the liberty of having the day off today (well the day is not over quite yet). Josh and I went all over Portland today in search of items to spiff up his booth at Crafty Wonderland's Super Colossal Holiday Sale. I was super excited when we drove by Crafty's Pop Up Shop downtown this afternoon. Going to Crafty's shop is like being able to go to Crafty Wonderland whenever I want instead of having to wait for its twice annual sales! yay! Anyways, I walked in and found My Little Buffalo's amazing Mustache card immediately. How cool! A fellow blogger and she lives in Portland! How did I not know this? I'm also rocking a chocolate mustache made by some awesome person in Portland as well. I thought the card and the chocolate stash' went together well! Enjoy!
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:New Cards Added:

Just wanted to let you guys know that I added a few more cards tonight. I had planned on posting them Sunday as they were made already then but it just slipped my mind. You can click on the pic to head over to my shop. Have a good rest of your night everyone!

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He got in!

I am interrupting the normal Silly.Sunday to let you know that the hubs has been accepted into...
This is Portland's twice yearly art and craft extravaganza. Specifically, Josh will be showing at the  Super Colossal Holiday Sale December 11th & 12th at the Portland Convention Center! 
Our wonderful friend Katie introduced me to this craft wonderland 
when we first moved to Portland last year. 
Our first time around was right before Christmas and let me tell you, 
there were hundreds of people in line to get in. And better yet, they were hours early! 
What in tarnation made them want to get there so early? Uh, we found out. 
The free goodie bags for the first 300 people! 
Fast forward 6 months later and we (Me, Katie, and Josh) are first in line!! 
We waited for 3 hours to get in! haha 
Anyways, there were 600 applicants and only 150 can show and Josh got in!! 
I am super proud of him and can not wait to be a part of our first crafty show! If you live in or near Portland you have to come to this. It's amazing!

p.s Josh does woodblock printmaking & it falls more into the art section of the show. 
He is not a male crafter. darn.
Here's a taste of his recent stuff for the show. It's pretty awesome art if I do say so myself. 
Besides it takes hours to make just one and is extremely labor intense to make woodblock prints. 
He's pretty impressive. 

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{Fall} {Art Opening} {Dinner}

All in all, it has been a wonderful weekend. The best part is, there's still an entire day left plus a whole extra hour!! I just wanted to give you guys I don't even know if anyone reads this thing a little glimpse of our weekend. We went on an evening, spur-of-the-moment, fall hike Thursday night hubs works weekends so Thursday nights are his Saturday nights, we went to gallery openings all over Portland Friday night, and tonight we made homemade pizza and an Oreo No-Bake dessert! Enjoy! 

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Did you make it over to my brand spankin' new shop on Etsy yet? You totally should, especially if you are in the market for some handmade cards for any occasion. I have love, love, loved making the cards that are up for sale. Honestly, I never knew I could "make" things until like 3 months ago. It's kinda of a funny story how I figured this whole thing out. But, I will save that for Sunday (since I've missed 2 Silly.Sunday's now!) Anyways, check out some of the cards I have for sale. Don't forget that right now and through to mid-February 50% of all proceeds go towards my mission trip to Haiti in February! 

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Hair Change {Again}

I know you are all dying to see my new hair but, let me just start off by giving you some background on  my hair since most of my readers have never met and don't know me too well {yet}! I'm going to be super honest and just say that I have always HATED my hair. You're probably saying to yourself, "What girl doesn't?" Well, let me just tell you that I take it to the extreme at times. This is my one struggle that can literally overtake and cripple me at times. I REALLY struggle here. With that said you'd assume that I've gone through tons of hair styles, colors, cuts, etc searching for the one haircut and style that I can live with. Well, you're wrong. This past weekend I got my first all-over hair color ever! I was scared but my awesome cousin makes it a lot less of a huge ordeal and I super trust her with my hair. If you live in the Portland area you need to have her as your stylist. Contact me and I can get you in touch with her. Since moving to Portland she has been a hair angel to me and if I was not family I'd probably be her most high maintenance, annoying, and  dis-liked client ever. Ah, family is great! 

Anyways, lets walk through some of my hair phases that I have documented. 
 curly is always a battle. Maybe 1/18 of my life was curly. Lets try layers....

                                  wow young, but note the shortness
                                           most common of all. Plain & straight. bleh.

and curly...
                  The most dramatic cut ever. I freaked but ended up LOVING it. Just grew out so dang fast.
                                          First bangs ever...they just grow so stinkin' fast!
& Today! Check the color, it's chocolate zinfandel. I wanted a richer brown with a punch. She nailed it! What do you think?!
On a humbling note, I will leave you with this thought...
1 Samuel 16:7 Christ is telling Samuel that He sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but He looks on the heart. 
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Welcome Kitty's.Cards on Etsy!

Alright, so obviously by the title of this post you have a good idea of what my secret is. So, without further ado I bring you Kitty's.Cards on Etsy!
I've been really pumped this last week to unveil my secret and also extremely busy getting it ready for everyone to browse. I have been making cards in preparation for this for the last 2 months. I know, sounds like a long time so I better have tons of cards. Well not exactly. I have a regular job, a husband, friends, and 3 pets to take care of so it's stinkin' hard to get time to work on my cards and other paper-crafts. Anyways, you probably want to know a little bit more about my shop. Well, primarily I am making handmade cards but I will also be making other paper-crafts too. Paper-crafts include wedding/baby shower invitations and notecards. All of my cards are handmade and designed by me & I vow to never use pre printed cards. I will eagerly take custom requests and honestly, I would rather make custom cards/paper-crafts. It's so much fun to make something great from people's ideas!

If you are reading this, my shop is officially open for business so get over there and browse my creations! 50% of all sales until February 5th will go towards the cost of the Hear The Cry mission trip to Haiti that I will be going on mid-February. Come back here after and let me know what you think! Thanks so much in advance for your support as I know that the blog/crafty/etsy/bigcartel world is so fun, friendly, and warm! You guys are awesome!
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