As a federal employee, I had the liberty of having the day off today (well the day is not over quite yet). Josh and I went all over Portland today in search of items to spiff up his booth at Crafty Wonderland's Super Colossal Holiday Sale. I was super excited when we drove by Crafty's Pop Up Shop downtown this afternoon. Going to Crafty's shop is like being able to go to Crafty Wonderland whenever I want instead of having to wait for its twice annual sales! yay! Anyways, I walked in and found My Little Buffalo's amazing Mustache card immediately. How cool! A fellow blogger and she lives in Portland! How did I not know this? I'm also rocking a chocolate mustache made by some awesome person in Portland as well. I thought the card and the chocolate stash' went together well! Enjoy!
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  1. So Great! I am excited to stop by the shop tomorrow, from the looks of it, it's great.. and how funny that you like in PDX too, we should definitely have a meet up sometime. I am not actually selling at crafty this year, just did the pop up shop...


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