Hair Change {Again}

I know you are all dying to see my new hair but, let me just start off by giving you some background on  my hair since most of my readers have never met and don't know me too well {yet}! I'm going to be super honest and just say that I have always HATED my hair. You're probably saying to yourself, "What girl doesn't?" Well, let me just tell you that I take it to the extreme at times. This is my one struggle that can literally overtake and cripple me at times. I REALLY struggle here. With that said you'd assume that I've gone through tons of hair styles, colors, cuts, etc searching for the one haircut and style that I can live with. Well, you're wrong. This past weekend I got my first all-over hair color ever! I was scared but my awesome cousin makes it a lot less of a huge ordeal and I super trust her with my hair. If you live in the Portland area you need to have her as your stylist. Contact me and I can get you in touch with her. Since moving to Portland she has been a hair angel to me and if I was not family I'd probably be her most high maintenance, annoying, and  dis-liked client ever. Ah, family is great! 

Anyways, lets walk through some of my hair phases that I have documented. 
 curly is always a battle. Maybe 1/18 of my life was curly. Lets try layers....

                                  wow young, but note the shortness
                                           most common of all. Plain & straight. bleh.

and curly...
                  The most dramatic cut ever. I freaked but ended up LOVING it. Just grew out so dang fast.
                                          First bangs ever...they just grow so stinkin' fast!
& Today! Check the color, it's chocolate zinfandel. I wanted a richer brown with a punch. She nailed it! What do you think?!
On a humbling note, I will leave you with this thought...
1 Samuel 16:7 Christ is telling Samuel that He sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but He looks on the heart. 
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