He got in!

I am interrupting the normal Silly.Sunday to let you know that the hubs has been accepted into...
This is Portland's twice yearly art and craft extravaganza. Specifically, Josh will be showing at the  Super Colossal Holiday Sale December 11th & 12th at the Portland Convention Center! 
Our wonderful friend Katie introduced me to this craft wonderland 
when we first moved to Portland last year. 
Our first time around was right before Christmas and let me tell you, 
there were hundreds of people in line to get in. And better yet, they were hours early! 
What in tarnation made them want to get there so early? Uh, we found out. 
The free goodie bags for the first 300 people! 
Fast forward 6 months later and we (Me, Katie, and Josh) are first in line!! 
We waited for 3 hours to get in! haha 
Anyways, there were 600 applicants and only 150 can show and Josh got in!! 
I am super proud of him and can not wait to be a part of our first crafty show! If you live in or near Portland you have to come to this. It's amazing!

p.s Josh does woodblock printmaking & it falls more into the art section of the show. 
He is not a male crafter. darn.
Here's a taste of his recent stuff for the show. It's pretty awesome art if I do say so myself. 
Besides it takes hours to make just one and is extremely labor intense to make woodblock prints. 
He's pretty impressive. 

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