Silly.Sunday - Ode to Oregon Rain

Today's Silly.Sunday is really more of a rant on the current Oregon weather. Sorry Oregon and Oregon lovers/natives. 
This is what it looks like outside all day. (Photo Credit)
This will be our second winter here. Everyone warned us about the "grey." We laughed and figured the move would be more of a tradeoff from -40 degrees to "grey." It couldn't be that bad right? Well, silly us for thinking that. 
I hate it. It makes me unmotivated. It makes me want to stay inside and hibernate. Worst of all, it makes me want to sleep ALL THE TIME!  For the past 4 nights I have put my pjs on around 6:30 after some intense boxing (which at least I am still doing that) and have been pretty content with the idea of going to bed. LAME. I forgot that Oregon winter weather would do this to me and kept asking Josh, "What's wrong with me, do you think I'm getting sick?" To which his response was, "Don't you remember this happened last year too?" Dang it, he was right. I swore this wouldn't happen to me. I lived through 17 years of Maine winter weather for goodness sake. I've been defeated by the stupid "grey" everyone warned us about. 

So, here's to my battle to stay awake after 7 and to get motivated. Oh, and for the next 5 months. Fellow Oregonians, help a sister out!
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