It's Here...

...My Cold Hands Warm Hearts package arrived about a week ago! I was away on a business trip (in freezing cold South Carolina, really?!) so my hubby actually opened everything for me and took pics and then sent the pics to me. Having someone else open gifts that were for you and then sending them in picture is actually quite fun. My sweet swap partner was Louisa from Happy Serendipity who is currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. Something about getting things from overseas seemed way more fun! She sent me the "required" pair of gloves which are SUPER warm and cozy. Plus, she sent me one of her handmade vintage pouches. I am currently still trying to figure out what I want to put in the pouch. Makeup? Hair accessories? Small crafting items? I don't know yet. Here's a small glimpse of my items in picture form.

A huge thank you to Sandy Ala Mode and Much Love Illy for putting the swap together and getting so many bloggers together!

p.s. My apologies for being super absent lately. It appears to be a trend among some of my other blogger friends too right now. The holidays have really gotten ahold of my life right now and I've been away on business as well. I promise to return in full force after the holidays. Plus, my hubby had a most successful art/craft show at Crafty Wonderland that deserves a post! 
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I'm Back and it's Silly.Sunday

We are back from Maine and we had a wonderful time. We actually got back last week but I've just been so busy that I decided to take another week from the blogging world. I only have a short post for you guys today but I promise that soon I will get through all the pictures from our vacation and put together a post for you guys. For now, enjoy the video. This video is the #7 most funniest video on YouTube and hey, it has to do with cats! You can go here and see the rest of the top 10 videos, they are a hoot!

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