Mustard & Grey:::How I Love Thee

I don't know about anyone else but, I really like mustard yellow & grey together. I do believe it's my new favorite color scheme and I can't stop dreaming about what everything would look like in these colors. Call me crazy but, I just L-O-V-E it! I made a Treasury on Etsy of some things I think are super cute that are in this color scheme. Enjoy and go here to get to the actual Treasury!
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.I've been away.

Uh. hi.
hello blog world. 

I have been away.
I have been busy.
I have been overwhelmed.
I have been far from God
I have been tired.
I have been not focused.
I have been lazy.

I apologize for possibly sounding whiney but I really needed to just put it out there. To be honest. To be frank with myself and my world. So yes, I went a tad off course but hey, who doesn't? And the great miracle is that when we stray or wander we are, often times, brought back stronger. Again, sorry for being distant from you guys (I have been keeping up with all your blogs though *happy face*). Here's a picture recap of life events from the past month to bring you up to date. & don't worry, I will be back on a more regular basis now. 
1 = I bought my first pair of boots ever, & they are brown people. {huge feat for me}
2 = I created a handmade wreath for our bedroom in our future home {mustard, slate grey, & black is the color scheme} {{D.I.Y tutorial from Erin at sunshine & carousels found here}} 
3 = We went to our friends house for New Years celebration-ing, it was swell!
4 = I recently discovered this Vintage store in Portland. They sell everything you could think of Vintage and great prices too! I took the hubs & our friend who was visiting (also male) & they secretly loved it too! 
5 = We went to Kells Irish Pub in Portland while said friend was visiting. Hubs got a Guinness of course.
6 = I love this picture for many reasons, most important, they are not trying to kill each other. =)

Hope you guys feel better about my disappearance, I promise to be more consistent. With you and God. 
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