Call Me an Old Lady But...


Today I got 4 sales in and I'm slowly learning the "rules" of these things. Last week was my first time going and I already feel like an expert. Weird huh? I've learned what it means to take a number, wait in line, wait for my name, get "sold tags," and bring a bag. I scored on a half-off sale today and got these:
Isn't the sewing basket/organizer adorable? I snagged it almost as soon as I walked in and for only $4.50. It's in immaculate condition with the original closure and everything.  The woman who lived at this place was stocked with more fabric, sewing machines, and thread than I have even seen. She had THREE craft rooms people!!
I was excited to see some vintage-y fabric that goes with the colors for our kitchen. I'm not sure what I will do with it yet but I will figure out something. Fabric is almost 10 yards and was only $2!

THe rest of my day I spent making 50 baby shower invitations for a dear friend. It is quite the undertaking but I love being able to make invitations for other people's special events in life. Here is a sneak peak at the process. 
It never fails that when I make something, the kitties have to be right there "helping." It's kind of cute but they end up getting in the way eventually.  

Well, I enjoyed my Saturday & hope you guys did to. What did you do today?
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