House Project #2

I promised you guys that I would show you the re-do project that the hubs and I did together the other day & that's what I'm bringing you today! Story goes that I have been dying to make something that resembles this (below) for our new home. Yes we bought our first home...eeek! We are still waiting for some formalities but we close on March 11th. yay!! Anyways,
Credit (Lindsey @ The Pleated Poppy) I love her bedroom!!
One problem, I have all these great ideas in my head but man I'm scared! Neither I nor the hubs have ever really done anything like this before. So the hubs takes me to the Rebuild it Center in North Portland. AMAZING. You can get any household item from someone else's house like door knobs, cabinet fronts, old lamps, planks of barn wood and it's way cheap!! So I discover these:
9 old drawer knobs and 3 blueish cabinet doors

We paint each to our liking (grey of course) and add the knobs onto one door. We cover one with mustard yellow fabric and put foam board in the center of one. Here they are done!!

 The one with fabric will later become a place to put some sort of an inspirational word or phrase on it & the one with the foam core will be a place to put up pictures on love notes! I know they don't look grey in the middle but I swear we painted it a lighter grey and did not leave it blue.

Hope you like them!


  1. That place sounds awesome! Nicely done friend!

  2. I definitely want to go to that Rebuild It Center! sounds amazing. Your project looks good. Maybe you'll find a cool vintage mirror or something to add to the collage too--I think it would be a fun addition!


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