I'm a bad blogger & a lamp recover!

I admit it, I'm just a bad blogger. Not that my blogs are bad but that I just can't bring myself to complete the act of blogging. I want to and I have all these pictures about things I want to blog about but I can never find the energy to actually publish the post. Now, I do admit to spending ample time on the computer reading all your blog posts but, I just can't do my own. It's weird. Anyways, so this is my admittance to that and I'm letting you guys know that while I will be sporadic in my posting I will be here none the less. Now for the cool stuff that you are here for instead of my mumblings. 
I re-did a lamp! My first lamp re-covering ever, my first major craft project, and the first item to be made for our new house! Here she is before: 

As you can see, very basic. We got this lamp (along with its matching pair) as a wedding gift. They were cute for a while but after 3 years some of the glue was yellowing and the kitties had gotten to the shade. So I thought,  heck, I'll just recover it. Drumroll please......

There she is now! Way better. I found a tutorial on a blog but I can't remember what blog it was. Oops. Do you like it? I was pretty thrilled to complete my first real project like this. Stay tuned for the next project we did - hubby was nice enough to initiate this one and help me!

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  1. Yes - I like it. I've actually been wanting to redo one in our house. Can you find the tutorial?

  2. Sorry Molly, I've looked everywhere for the tutorial I used & it's just gone! Good luck & I'd love to see what you end up doing with your lamp!


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