That's a whole lotta cat!

I get comments on this picture a ton so I wanted to share it with my blog friends. So, I figured I would do a little ode to my kitties since I'm posting a picture of them and well, the blog isn't called The.Kittys.Purr for nothing. Enter picture....
To which I usually get the response: HOLY MOLY! Those cats take up your whole body. 
While this is mostly a true and accurate picture (there are no edits done, totally real) I feel the picture over exaggerates but only a real little bit. 

A bit about our kitties:
Wednesday is the black kitty. He was found in March of '09 by me and the hubs back in Colorado on a nicer than usual spring day in March - it was about 40 degrees but usually in March it's like 0, no joke. He was in an abandoned lot and he literally followed us home on our walk. We didn't know if he was a boy or girl, I was sure girl, so we named HIM Wednesday after Wednesday Adams from the Adams Family. Well, later we found out he's a HIM. oops. Wednesday is a very special kitty - he has 7 toes on each paw which means he has "thumbs." He can open drawers so we have to "kid" proof tons of cabinets. He is also very regal and an extremely handsome kitty . I am his person but he loves all people! 

Otto is the cow-looking kitty. Literally, he is a fat cow. We don't know what happened but he just got really fat, really fast. (You can see from the pics below that he was tiny!! The hubs brought him home after work one day as a surprise for me. He was only 3 ounces and only 2 weeks old. He was found abandoned by one of his co-workers with other kitty siblings. He came to us in October of '09 in Oregon. He is not so regal and not so beautiful but he is so fun and entertaining. Since he was so young when we got him and never had a momma kitty, he never developed a meow. He just squeaks - all the time. Otto is not so much a people person either but we love him very much still!
Yes, I love my kitties and I think the world of them. They are like my children. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our kitties!
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