I was going to do this yesterday, hence the blog title. Anyways, since I'm still rather inconsistent with my post I feel like I have lots to catch you guys up on. So I'm going to post a bunch of random things that have happen in the past few weeks. I actually have time since I'm traveling across Eastern Oregon for work and am pent up in hotels all alone. =(

1. I will have driven 900 miles by the end of tomorrow. I started on Monday. This is not recommended, especially when you have to work after long stretches of driving to get there. Plus side of this is that I have been able to see tons of beautiful country in Oregon that I never knew existed. I am majorly blessed  that I get to travel for work on occasion and see God's beautiful creation at the same time. Makes working not so bad. See some of my road shots below. 
2. We finally moved into our new home & we are now officially first time homeowners! While this is exciting, the first 2 weeks very rather stressful and full of first time homeowner nightmares. {okay, maybe not nightmares but just things that are hard to adjust to and wouldn't have happened if we were still in the apartment}. Plus side of this is that I get to decorate the space exactly how I want!! Check it out. Remember those cabinet doors we redid here. Well they are now up in the bedroom!
3.  We have a not-so friendly squirrel at our new home. I made an encounter with him when I heard a weird screeching outside. Upon investigation he {I have no idea if it's a boy. haha} was sitting on this "squirrel feeder" left by the previous owners. Needless to say, we have not re-filled it with food and he was mad!
4. These boys, including the hubs, have had a hard time adjusting to the move into the new house and are rather tired by 5 o'clock each night. Otto is hiding here and Wednesday is passed out. So cute!
5. I made my famous Chicken Pot Pie the other night after a break down about hating to cook. If you recall, I blogged about how much I hate to cook dinner mainly because I don't know what to make and when I make a recipe either me or the hubs hates it. We needed something that we would actually eat this night. Mmmm, yummy! Stay tuned for more posts on this topic. 

Hope you enjoyed some of my randomness from the last few weeks. Hopefully I will post before Saturday but if not, stay tuned for Saturday.Snapshot where I link up to the awesome Kim from Yellow Songbird.  If you don't already you should head over to her blog and read her honest post and buy her cute products. {she has no idea I'm posting this, i just love her blog that much!}
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Hello again. The last time I posted was for Kim's Saturday Snapshot link party and now here it is again a Saturday and I have been slacking on blogging. Well, I'm again linking up to Kim's link party over at Yellow Songbird.
This picture was taken in the winter of 2006. I was out with the hubby on a backcountry expedition in Colorado. Needless to say now a lot of snowboarding occurred because we got lazy but I did successfully snowboard behind the jeep on a snow packed road which was great fun...until Forest Service told us that we couldn't do it anymore.  Lame. I was being silly and stopped to point out...well, you know... 
There are a ton of memories that come with this picture and just posting it brings them all flooding back:
1. Josh and I carved our names into a tree when we were up here this day (please don't kill us you tree-huggers out there) and we were not even engaged yet. I was smitten.
2. I broke my collarbone 1 week later and thus began the slow demise of my snowboarding driven life.
3. We are in a back country area in Colorado by Mount Schofield which is an area we loved spending our outdoors-y time in which was a lot.
4. I used to snowboard 100+ days a season. I haven't been in 2 seasons since moving to Oregon. =(

Hope you enjoy the silliness of this.
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Saturday Snapshot

I'm back! (we moved into our first home last week and it has been a whirlwind) So, to start off an an easier note, I'm linking up to Yellow Songbird's Saturday Snapshot.

This picture is circa June 2006 and has quite the history to it. It was taken on the way from Gunnison (Gunny), CO to Denver, CO to pick up my hubby (at that time my very new boyfriend I was head over heals for) from the airport. He was returning from a 2 week mission in Ireland. He has no idea we are coming. Well, anyone who has lived in Gunny, including Kim from Yellow Songbird, knows this trek is not a quick one...just a mere 4 hours give or take a day if it's snowing. ha. It obviously was not snowing this day thank goodness. I was with the hub's childhood friend who happens to be an amazing photographer and we stopped to take some pictures of God's fabulous creation. (The landscape, not me people!) Well story goes that we get to airport and his flight is delayed and he won't be flying in as expected. We travel 4 hours back to Gunny and I am very upset. But at least we got some beautiful pictures!
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