Saturday Snapshot

I'm back! (we moved into our first home last week and it has been a whirlwind) So, to start off an an easier note, I'm linking up to Yellow Songbird's Saturday Snapshot.

This picture is circa June 2006 and has quite the history to it. It was taken on the way from Gunnison (Gunny), CO to Denver, CO to pick up my hubby (at that time my very new boyfriend I was head over heals for) from the airport. He was returning from a 2 week mission in Ireland. He has no idea we are coming. Well, anyone who has lived in Gunny, including Kim from Yellow Songbird, knows this trek is not a quick one...just a mere 4 hours give or take a day if it's snowing. ha. It obviously was not snowing this day thank goodness. I was with the hub's childhood friend who happens to be an amazing photographer and we stopped to take some pictures of God's fabulous creation. (The landscape, not me people!) Well story goes that we get to airport and his flight is delayed and he won't be flying in as expected. We travel 4 hours back to Gunny and I am very upset. But at least we got some beautiful pictures!
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  1. God's fabulous creation DOES include the creation & yourself!!! It is very lovely! When I was in Colorado, Gunny was my "closest" city to me (in Lake City)

  2. wow!! what an AMAZING view that is! just breathtaking!

  3. such an amazing photo!!! and congrats on moving! xo

  4. wow - gorgeous photo!!!! probably one of my faves from the link-up :)

  5. Amazing shot! {stopping by from the party!}


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