Hello again. The last time I posted was for Kim's Saturday Snapshot link party and now here it is again a Saturday and I have been slacking on blogging. Well, I'm again linking up to Kim's link party over at Yellow Songbird.
This picture was taken in the winter of 2006. I was out with the hubby on a backcountry expedition in Colorado. Needless to say now a lot of snowboarding occurred because we got lazy but I did successfully snowboard behind the jeep on a snow packed road which was great fun...until Forest Service told us that we couldn't do it anymore.  Lame. I was being silly and stopped to point out...well, you know... 
There are a ton of memories that come with this picture and just posting it brings them all flooding back:
1. Josh and I carved our names into a tree when we were up here this day (please don't kill us you tree-huggers out there) and we were not even engaged yet. I was smitten.
2. I broke my collarbone 1 week later and thus began the slow demise of my snowboarding driven life.
3. We are in a back country area in Colorado by Mount Schofield which is an area we loved spending our outdoors-y time in which was a lot.
4. I used to snowboard 100+ days a season. I haven't been in 2 seasons since moving to Oregon. =(

Hope you enjoy the silliness of this.
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