Ready or not, I'm going to sew!

I've been blessed to be working in beautiful southern Oregon for the last few days. I really enjoyed seeing the sun and the very beautiful creation down here! Yes, I said SUN! Thank goodness I got to get some real Vitamin D! I was actually shocked at home gorgeous the scenery is down here as I was under the impression that Southern Oregon was nothing but desert. I was getting all nostalgic seeing the pretty hills and such thinking about Colorado. Thank you God for the beauty I got to surprisingly see today!

I found so many cute shops in Ashland which was another great surprise. I just had no idea what a gem of a town I was going to stumble upon. I decided to stroll around the shops and pass the time {because I miss Josh real bad after 3 nights away} and I stumble upon a real cute fabric store Fabric of Vision. I browsed for a while and when all the other customers left I got to chat with the sweet owner, Diane, about a good first time sewer bag project. She helped me pick out the perfect Amy Butler Swing Bag with a cute bow to work on! She even helped me with the material list because I am sewing dumb people! I didn't know what all the measurements meant, how much I needed, how many fabrics I needed, etc, etc. So here's what I got and I'm itching to get home tomorrow and start working on it!!
Please excuse the poor iPhone picture and crappy hotel lighting but, I love love love the 2 fabrics and am excited to work with it and the canvas! I have extra canvas and am thinking about making the bow out of it. Any suggestions from my pro sewer blogging friends out there? Stay tuned for the final project, even if it's a good or bad final product. 
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Kitten Otto

Today I'm linking up to Kim from Yellow Songbird for Saturday Snapshot. 

Can you say TINY?! Sometimes I forget how small our kitties were in the beginning of their lives. Since this one was rescued at a wee 10 days old, he was really small. Basically, a squeaky toy of a cat for a while. And now...
he's massive. This picture really does no justice to how huge he is but, you get the idea. Still as cute as can be though. Funny fact - he can't meow, instead he squeaks so, really he is still a squeaky toy!
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Recent Happenings

I'm feeling like I really want to tell you all what I have been up to but, I don't really feel like typing a ton so, you are getting our journey through pictures with some captions to explain. Have fun because, I know we did!
 I went on a late evening adventure to Cannon Beach and Astoria last night as we have our dear friend Ryan here visiting us from Colorado and he loves visiting these 2 places. He is an amazing photographer and was able to get a few amazing shots in as the sun was setting. You can find his work here. Side note- it was FREEZING like always! We respectfully refer to the "beach" in Oregon as the coast as it does not deserve the title of a beach, ever!
 We were able to get some time away and visit family during the week last week. I had to work in the area so we turned it into family time which is great because I only had to take 1 day off. I got to visit my ponies again, spend some quality time with the hubs in the quaint little town where he grew up, and play with firearms. Is it weird that I enjoy that last one? Oh well. We got amazing video of me going to town on a target. Awesome. 
I snagged a very nasty & ugly trashcan at an estate sale last weekend for 50 cents. We actually needed 2 small ones for the laundry room and the craft room and they are expense to just buy so I was glad to see this one. I just cleaned her up and gave her a good coat of my favorite green color spray paint. Lovely.
I hate vertical blinds. Sorry if you have them in your house, this is just my opinion. You can imagine my disgust when I realize all the windows in our new house are outfitted with NEW vertical blinds. Gah! I tackled the window in our bedroom as this was really the last thing I wanted to do in there so I could say the room is done. Well, I'm happy to report that it is. We removed the blinds, installed a curtain rod, bought and cut the new regular blinds, and I made no-sew curtains. The window is much better now after its makeover and the curtains are the first ever thing I've made from fabric. I'm in love!

Well hope you enjoyed a look into our lives lately. More to come in a few days but, I'm not sure what I'm going to post about yet.
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Feature: Sprouts Mattaw Baby Home

In the past few days {literally, I just "met" Lindsay 2 days ago} I have been blessed to be following the journey of 'Sprouts' a Mattaw Baby Home.  Lindsay is a mom to 3 & a wife & she and her husband are packing up their kids and moving to Kenya! Yes, I said Kenya! They have been called by Christ to lead a baby home in Kitale, Kenya alongside other amazing people who are also transplants from the US that are already there doing God's work at Mattaw Children's Village. Their focus is to rescue Kitale's babies age preemie to 2 years old. There are so many orphans out there - 2.3 million in Kenya alone people! Sprouts will be effecting the decrease in this number in a major way.

This is where my heart is and has always been. Babies & 3rd world countries are a major part of my mission and when I made the connection to Lindsay 2 days ago I got goose bumps about this story, the mission, the amazing way we were brought to each other, the selflessness of Christ's followers, and Christ's amazing and steadfast provision for this mission. 

Please consider going over to Lindsay's blog - actually do not consider this, you MUST go there! They are having the coolest baby shower ever during the entire month of April in order to raise money for all things baby times 50. You can pick which item you want to donate towards and if you are lucky you could be visiting Sprouts and putting a baby to sleep, feeding a baby, and rocking a baby in something you bought! So go read all about it and bless the socks of Lindsay, her family, the team already in Kenya, and of course Sprouts! 

Here's the link again for ya just incase!
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Check out what I scored!

I was driving home from picking up some groceries last weekend and I saw a sign for an estate sale just 1 road up from our house. Now, if you know me, you know I love estate sales. I have kinda been in an estate sale rut though since moving because the ones around here are just not as good. I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a shot since I can walk there. 

I'm not going to lie, it was a sketchy sale that was not being run by an estate sale company or anything, just family members. Going through dead peoples stuff while in their house is strange enough but when their family is there well, it adds an element of awkwardness. I'm ready to leave after 1 minute of being there and I spot this beauty on a table.
As soon as I touched it the oldest female family member jumped all over me telling me about the machine and insisting it was a great find for me. I thought at first that I must not work and they really want to get it off their hands especially for the price of $25. Well, she proceeded to plug it in a show me that everything worked. It's probably a good time to tell you that I have NEVER before touched a sewing machine or even seen one on and actually sewing. If it was broken/missing key pieces I would need down the road I would have no clue. But heck, $25 and it's awesome, I'll take it!

I get my car and come back and the lady has included what she called "gifts" for me to go with the machine. She was referring to those items I would have not known I needed till down the road. Cams, needles, different feet, and TONS of replacements parts. But, that's not it. She also gave me a pile of fabric and patterns from 1960s and the original instruction book. Man, I scored! {Check out the price, $289.95 back in 1966!} 
So, I get home and I am giddy beyond belief. I feel like I got a treasure of a sewing machine and it has history. I realize it's from 1966 and I feel even more giddy thinking that I have a real antique on my hands. Then, I open the manual and I find this inside.
This is the original "deed" to the machine signed by who I assume is the husband of the lady who used this machine. Holy smokes, this is a REAL antique people! Now I'm feeling all nostalgic and like I better make some dang good use out of this machine and then pass it on to family members down the line. 

Well, yesterday I went on the adventure of trying to use it. I figured out how to do a zig-zag stitch and a regular one but, lets just say that this took me 3 hours to figure out with the majority of the time figuring out how to thread the needle, wind a bobbin, and get the string from the bobbin to come out of the hole underneath (there's probably a more technical term for that but oh well). But man, I loved every minute of it an am so excited for my next learning experiences!

Anyone have any tips, suggestions, and first timer advice for me?? I would much appreciate any words of wisdom for you pro sewers out there!
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Hello friends. Lets be honest, every time I go to write another blog I feel like I need to apologize for not being more consistent & then I promise I will be. I WILL NEVER BE. After 6 months of blogging I've realized that that's just not me. Which is great. When I started this journey I had no idea what it would look like besides, who knows what life will look like until you start living it. Anyways, I will not be consistent, I will be random and more-or-less sporadic but, I will be here just as much as I have been so really nothing is changing.

Moving on. I went to H&M for the first time today.
                         You can pick your jaw up off the floor now. I know.
                                          I'm a bit behind the times & I just love Target, as does this one!

What did I buy you ask? Well cute flower hair pins but, after just searching for a picture of them online for 20 minutes, I can't find one. Plus, Josh is not around to take a picture of mine in my hair right now. Lame. But, they are small and not overwhelming on my head which I like. Also, the hubs (Josh) got some new shirts. Praise the Lord! This guy never, NEVER wants to buy new articles of clothing. Good and bad, right?

On another note, I'm on a massive quest to absorb nutrients. I got labs back and well, I'm missing a ton of nutrients/vitamins that I should have. So I have to take vitamins. I hate taking anything, even a vitamin. I feel like if my body should be able to do it naturally and taking something means that there is something wrong. It's totally a psyche thing. So here's to taking B12, D3, and Iron in hopes of returning much better numbers by June. Oh and yes, for all you smart people out there thinking why isn't she absorbing nutrients?! I likely do have the celiacs gene and likely have had it my whole life. awesome. Some day I will share with you my entire journey on the whole "I hate my stomach," journey that I've been living with but for now that's all.

On a lighter note. Drumroll please.................

JOSH HAS WEEKENDS OFF NOW! This is HUGE people. No married couple should EVER, I repeat EVER, have to spend an entire year with not one day off together. Granted I would take a random day here or there since my work is flexible but Josh is a dedicated worker regardless and man it was a rough season. He now will be on rotation where he works 4 normal M-F weeks and then 2 ridiculous weeks that I still don't quite understand how it works. All I care is that 4 out of every 6 weekends we will spend together. I don't know what I'm(we're) going to do with all this time together. Maybe these things:
Oh, the ideas. I can't thank the Lord enough for his provisions in this season. Well, that's all for tonight. Goodnight my lovely readers!
-Brittany =)