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In the past few days {literally, I just "met" Lindsay 2 days ago} I have been blessed to be following the journey of 'Sprouts' a Mattaw Baby Home.  Lindsay is a mom to 3 & a wife & she and her husband are packing up their kids and moving to Kenya! Yes, I said Kenya! They have been called by Christ to lead a baby home in Kitale, Kenya alongside other amazing people who are also transplants from the US that are already there doing God's work at Mattaw Children's Village. Their focus is to rescue Kitale's babies age preemie to 2 years old. There are so many orphans out there - 2.3 million in Kenya alone people! Sprouts will be effecting the decrease in this number in a major way.

This is where my heart is and has always been. Babies & 3rd world countries are a major part of my mission and when I made the connection to Lindsay 2 days ago I got goose bumps about this story, the mission, the amazing way we were brought to each other, the selflessness of Christ's followers, and Christ's amazing and steadfast provision for this mission. 

Please consider going over to Lindsay's blog - actually do not consider this, you MUST go there! They are having the coolest baby shower ever during the entire month of April in order to raise money for all things baby times 50. You can pick which item you want to donate towards and if you are lucky you could be visiting Sprouts and putting a baby to sleep, feeding a baby, and rocking a baby in something you bought! So go read all about it and bless the socks of Lindsay, her family, the team already in Kenya, and of course Sprouts! 

Here's the link again for ya just incase!
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