Kitten Otto

Today I'm linking up to Kim from Yellow Songbird for Saturday Snapshot. 

Can you say TINY?! Sometimes I forget how small our kitties were in the beginning of their lives. Since this one was rescued at a wee 10 days old, he was really small. Basically, a squeaky toy of a cat for a while. And now...
he's massive. This picture really does no justice to how huge he is but, you get the idea. Still as cute as can be though. Funny fact - he can't meow, instead he squeaks so, really he is still a squeaky toy!
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  1. How darling! I love his spot :) & I can't say I've ever heard of a cat that couldn't meow, very unique!

  2. hi britt! yes, if you could leave a comment for each book posted that would be great! thank you so much for being willing to donate!


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