Ready or not, I'm going to sew!

I've been blessed to be working in beautiful southern Oregon for the last few days. I really enjoyed seeing the sun and the very beautiful creation down here! Yes, I said SUN! Thank goodness I got to get some real Vitamin D! I was actually shocked at home gorgeous the scenery is down here as I was under the impression that Southern Oregon was nothing but desert. I was getting all nostalgic seeing the pretty hills and such thinking about Colorado. Thank you God for the beauty I got to surprisingly see today!

I found so many cute shops in Ashland which was another great surprise. I just had no idea what a gem of a town I was going to stumble upon. I decided to stroll around the shops and pass the time {because I miss Josh real bad after 3 nights away} and I stumble upon a real cute fabric store Fabric of Vision. I browsed for a while and when all the other customers left I got to chat with the sweet owner, Diane, about a good first time sewer bag project. She helped me pick out the perfect Amy Butler Swing Bag with a cute bow to work on! She even helped me with the material list because I am sewing dumb people! I didn't know what all the measurements meant, how much I needed, how many fabrics I needed, etc, etc. So here's what I got and I'm itching to get home tomorrow and start working on it!!
Please excuse the poor iPhone picture and crappy hotel lighting but, I love love love the 2 fabrics and am excited to work with it and the canvas! I have extra canvas and am thinking about making the bow out of it. Any suggestions from my pro sewer blogging friends out there? Stay tuned for the final project, even if it's a good or bad final product. 
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  1. Super cute! Perhaps when you are feeling adventurous, you can make headbands for the new babies we get into Sprouts!!! They have to have their photo op, you know :)


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