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I'm feeling like I really want to tell you all what I have been up to but, I don't really feel like typing a ton so, you are getting our journey through pictures with some captions to explain. Have fun because, I know we did!
 I went on a late evening adventure to Cannon Beach and Astoria last night as we have our dear friend Ryan here visiting us from Colorado and he loves visiting these 2 places. He is an amazing photographer and was able to get a few amazing shots in as the sun was setting. You can find his work here. Side note- it was FREEZING like always! We respectfully refer to the "beach" in Oregon as the coast as it does not deserve the title of a beach, ever!
 We were able to get some time away and visit family during the week last week. I had to work in the area so we turned it into family time which is great because I only had to take 1 day off. I got to visit my ponies again, spend some quality time with the hubs in the quaint little town where he grew up, and play with firearms. Is it weird that I enjoy that last one? Oh well. We got amazing video of me going to town on a target. Awesome. 
I snagged a very nasty & ugly trashcan at an estate sale last weekend for 50 cents. We actually needed 2 small ones for the laundry room and the craft room and they are expense to just buy so I was glad to see this one. I just cleaned her up and gave her a good coat of my favorite green color spray paint. Lovely.
I hate vertical blinds. Sorry if you have them in your house, this is just my opinion. You can imagine my disgust when I realize all the windows in our new house are outfitted with NEW vertical blinds. Gah! I tackled the window in our bedroom as this was really the last thing I wanted to do in there so I could say the room is done. Well, I'm happy to report that it is. We removed the blinds, installed a curtain rod, bought and cut the new regular blinds, and I made no-sew curtains. The window is much better now after its makeover and the curtains are the first ever thing I've made from fabric. I'm in love!

Well hope you enjoyed a look into our lives lately. More to come in a few days but, I'm not sure what I'm going to post about yet.
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  1. Ummmm, I am JEALOUS of the "last one"...firearms.... I have been wanting to go shooting for some time now. I bet it was fun!


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