Non Hotel Style Business Travel

As much as I loathe traveling for work, I love-love-love being able to stay in places that I would never get to stay in on our budget. People, check out where I'm staying this week:
Can you say spoiled and lucky?! I feel so blessed that I can enjoy a place like this, all of its beauty, and its charm while on business. This gem of a place is in Tacoma, WA in the Old Tacoma area. I really dislike Tacoma so this helps. {Sorry if you live in Tacoma. Maybe you can give me tips on the city to help change my opinion} If you travel for business more than once a month, you probably understand how hotels can get old real fast. So, to stay in a place that the owners also live in and have them cook breakfast for you every morning is like winning the lottery. On the plus side too, you tend to find more down-to-earth people staying at these places which means I can actually talk to other people instead of shutting my room and locking the door. All in all, it helps pass the time away from my hubs faster.
 This house was built in the mid 1800s and it's primarily in original condition. The bathroom in my room was the most attractive to me and the scariest. {I have an irrational fear of shower drains, weird I know} 
Please excuse the iPhone photos. My iPhone is the only camera I have so you get what you take. {Pun intended} Pedestal tubs are so charming, and I got over the fact that I had to stand closer to the drain than I wanted to. But, I will try to avoid that in the future. This beats using a very sterile bathroom with weird lighting and white walls any day.
Moral of this blog post: if you travel a lot for business and can make your own reservations wherever you want, you should look for bed and breakfasts or quaint little inns to give you are more "at-home" feel while you are away. 
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  1. This place looks wonderful but kina spooky! Old, old houses kinda freak me out! But I too am a HUGE believer in B and B's. They are a vacation within a vacation! ( or business trip in your case;)
    Love you! Aunt Brenda

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