I can't contain it.

I'm so giddy with excitement at the new opportunity that dropped itself in my lap...or should I say in my fingers. Okay, that only makes sense if I tell you what it is. 

Drumrollllll please....

Ok, ok. As you know from yesterday's post I am making handmade yarn wreaths and selling them on Etsy.com under the shop name CandyAndPickles!! eeek!

What started as me making wreaths to add a cute handmade touch to the inside and outside of our home has expanded into friends requesting for me to make particular wreaths just for their home. And now, I can help those I'm connected with via the blog-o-sphere while getting the word about my wreaths and the shop out there into the vast expanse of the internet world. I'm really hoping to bring joy and giddiness to others with my wreath as they bring me when hanging in my home. 

I'm going to be sponsoring blogs/shops that I have admired and followed for the past few years and that have given me a little glimpse of what I hope to become. I'm hoping this will give me well advertising but mostly, help support my favorite blogs and shops! The first sponsorship I scooped up is also a shop that just started offering sponsorships called Carousel Lights. The shop is Sunshine and Carousels and is run by Erin and wow, if you are getting married soon, go and check out her hair clips and veils, they are awesome!!! Wish I could have another wedding (same hubby, duh) so I can flaunt one of those veils. 

There is so much more I want to share but, we will just wait and see what happens.  Thanks everyone for your support!

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