Projects of Late

So I originally typed a bunch of info on these projects but, it didn't autosave during all the typing, I accidentally closed the browser, and now you are getting a very condensed version....sorry :/

I'm spray painting our kitchen ceiling fan to conquer it's very hospital white feel. It will be a light blue to complement the yellows and grays already in the kitchen.

I made a collage in our living room. The big frame was scored for $8 at Michaels in the as is section and was originally gold before I spray painted it.

The hubs and I made a shelf from wood we had left over from ripping down a fence in the back yard. I proudly figured out how to hang it sturdily and surprised the hubs with the completed project. I made the little bathroom signs in the frames. 

I'm refurbishing 2 very old lamps. They are getting spray paint and I scored some amazingly awesome shades for $104 off that I am going to cover in fabric! No, that's not a typo. Someone returned them from an online purchase and since the store doesn't carry them, Target just wanted to get rid of them. Thank you very much Target!

Hope this inspires you to do a project and in my case, finish one!

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