Shoe Score

For those who know me, I'm not a girly girl. I polish my nails maybe once every few moths, I own 3 pairs of jeans, a few dresses, and 9 colors of the same t-shirt. I hate showering and everything about getting ready, I love punching things (think workout not people), I longboard till I sweat, and I enjoy getting really dirty (as long as I'm prepared). So when I spent an hour in a Famous Footwear fretting over shoes I freaked myself out a bit. But, they were having a BOGO sale plus I had 20% off and an additional $5 off. I HAD to find 2 pairs of shoes! Well, that 1 hour of trying on 30 different shoes in all different styles paid off. Here are my scores:

And for your viewing please, a few more pictures from the journey:

How cute are those boots?! Here's the low down on my deal...
Boat Shoes:
Original - $49.99, after all discounts $28.94
Original - $39.99, after all discounts $9.05

Grand Total: $37.99
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  1. LOVE those boots, so fun! Nice scores!

  2. Excellent finds!!! love them both! And seriously, two pairs for less than one of them cost originally?! Can't beat that!


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