Guest Bedroom Redo

I spent Saturday working on a surprise house project. Josh had to work and I really was having an itch to do something around the house. We had discussed painting the guest room a few days before and I showed Josh some paint samples I was thinking of using in the room but, not much more discussion was done about this. I started off wanting light green as an accent wall with grey as the main color, then for a night I thought I wanted sea foam green, and then at home depot getting paint I changed my mind and got a different light green then any of the samples I had. I took some pictures with my iPhone so they are not the best but, you can get the gist from them. 
Whoops, just noticed I didn't take any before pictures but, envision a room with 4 white walls and furniture.

It's funny how painting a room and added some pretties to it makes the house feel more alive. Hubby agrees too so I must be right about it!
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