Jamie Oliver is a Genius

I think it's safe to say that most of us have heard of Jamie Oliver, right?! He's like a hero to me. Not only did he come to America and shake up school food departments, state boards, and cities because of the crap they feed kids, he is shaking up our kitchen! I am not shy to say that I HATE cooking with a passion, just read this post (sorry it's wordy), and I had basically resolved to never being a wife that could make amazing meals that my husband enjoyed. (Sorry Josh)  

But, never fear, Jamie Oliver is here!! Ok, in cookbook form and not in my real life however, that would be awesome if he showed up in my kitchen. I'd kiss him for the genius chef that he is. Anywayyyys, I grabbed 2 books of his from our library on a whim the other day and all my husband did was drool and oogle over the good looking, not processed or boxed, food. Enter: very lame feeling wifey. 

I resolved to pick some meals that I thought I would like and be able to make. Sidenote: I'm also not ashamed to say that I'm VERY picky and on top of many food intolerances this has added to the struggle. Wanna know what I made? This:

Best Part:
Thank goodness for:

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