Sick Doggie Makes me Sad

Our happy, crazy, energetic, gotta lick something at all times puppy, Mishka, has been sick since Saturday night and it's so so sad to watch. Luckily, in the grand scheme of things she will be fine but, she has been so pathetic and needy and it gets to my heart. 

She only has energy to sleep so I got together her favorite comforter and she snuggled right up and went to sleep, all day! Healing is hard work!
One of the kitties must have made contact with Mishka's eye during their daily boxing matches and ruptured her cornea just like that. We think the cat's nail was dirty (eww, aren't they always?!) and it not only scratched Mishka's eye but, also made it get very infected. If your know our cats, you know that Wednesday has 7 nails on both front paws and he can throw some nasty blows so I'm guessing it was him. 

Anyways, she's on 1 eye drop every hour and another eye drop every 4 hours plus she's taking a pill every 8 hours. This has been keeping momma very busy and luckily after Sunday the drops went to every 8 hours so I didn't have to leave work. 

She's been sleeping like 20 out of 24 hours for the past 2 days now and still can't keep that eye open for more than a few seconds. Her temp is coming down but, 103 is still not great! We are hoping she picks up back to her normal self real soon. 

Hopefully she has learned her lesson about those darned cats and their claws but, I doubt it. 
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